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To expedite your request for any repairs, please observe the following protocols:

For Non-Emergencies

Email us anytime ([email protected]) to advise of any issues, breakdowns or otherwise you may be experiencing. Your request will be placed in the queue to repair as soon as possible. You should receive correspondence back within 48 hrs (except during weekends or holidays), or the next business day. If you do not receive correspondence back within this timeframe, please send another email or call our office to speak with one of our representatives - (905) 572-9465 ext.2. We are open 10am-5pm M-F (closed weekends and holidays).

Link to Staff Contacts

Emergency/Priority Service

For URGENT MATTERS ONLY which may include; a burst water pipe, toilet or sink overflowing, no heat, entrance/ burglary, security matters, gas leak or smell, please call our emergency number: 905.572.WINK (9465) - PRESS ext.9 for after hours emergency/priority service. Items such as lockouts, tripped breakers/blown fuses, slow draining or clogged sinks/toilets or otherwise are NOT considered emergencies and may be resolved during the next business day. Such items shall also be subject to fee-for-services if personnel are required to attend either during or after hours. After hours calls or attendance are subject to premium rates. Important Notes: Please be advised, we do not maintain 24hr crews on shift, and as such very late/early morning pages will be waking up team members. Please - never page our team for non-emergency matters - send an email advising of the problem.


GAS - If you find there is a strong ʻrotten eggʼ smell closer to the floor, or making you nauseous, there may be a gas leak. OPEN ALL YOUR WINDOWS, DO NOT LIGHT ANY MATCHES, DO NOT USE ANY ELECTRONICS (CELL PHONE) OR ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES. If you have a gas stove, check if the top burners and oven are completely off. If they are off and a smell still persists, there is usually a shut off valve that will stop gas to the appliance, located behind the stove - turn this valve off in the opposite direction to shut the gas off. Call the superintendent first, and if problem escalates, contact Union Gas Emergency Service.

Union Gas
For gas leak/odor detections and other gas related emergencies. Account & billing inquiries. 1-888-774-3111

WATER - If your toilet, faucet or taps are leaking/overflowing or the water is running on, in most circumstances, there are shut off valves beside, underneath or nearby that can be shut off to isolate the problem. Try shutting these off if any problem occurs before help arrives, to minimize any potential damage.


If you have any questions, please contact us anytime!

Phone: 905.572.WINK (9465) | Toll Free: 877.WINK INC (946.5462)

E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.winkproperties.ca