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House Rules, Legalities & Guidelines...
(For a problem-free stay when arriving and when preparing to leave)



1) Giving Notice to Move
We require (90) days advance written notice, in a formalized letter, to be delivered to our main office, if the intent is to vacate your rental unit, irregardless of whether you are in a lease or not.  It is up to the renter to confirm with us, that we have received this, and that it meets our requirements to accept such notice. Unless your notice is confirmed in receipt by our office (not superintendent), we deem that no notice has been given and the tenancy continues. If one person provides notice from a unit, it is deemed to be notice for the entire group or person(s) occupying that unit.

2) Departure Dates (Move-In/Move-Out)
Move-out Dates are only valid on the (1'st) FIRST DAY of any month. (people can move when convenient for themselves, however, are responsible for the unit until the first day of the month. (until midnight the night before). Move-out and cleaning arrangements MUST be completed by the departing resident(s) by MIDNIGHT before the FIRST of the month. We do not allow pro-rated departures or dates other than the FIRST. Move-in dates are also typically the FIRST of the month, however, depending on unit condition & availability are occasionally subject to pro-ration.

3) How Many Days are Required?
We are FIRM in our policy of asking for (90) days advance written notice, however allow a 30 day grace period to an absolute minimum of 60 days for departing residents. Notices received 59 days in advance or less WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED under any circumstances.

4) What Happens if I'm Late giving Notice?
Move out date will be delayed (30) days, and an additional month's rent will need to be paid.

5) LMR (Last Month's Rent)
LMR is used ONLY during the last 30 days of occupancy, once an existing resident provides suitable 90 days written advanced notice of vacating a unit.  It is not automatically used to pay, for example, the 12'th month of a one year lease. If a resident wishes to continue staying in the rental unit beyond the initial lease period, each month must continue to be paid for separately.

6) ALL Furniture/Belongings/Mattresses/Bed Frames MUST BE REMOVED
DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING BEHIND. Although we appreciate some people's generosity, and donations, We do not want: shelves, beds, bedframes, chairs, mattresses, TV's, entertainment centres, couches, pictures,appliances etc…left in the apartment unit, curbside, within or near our garbage areas. If you have any items such as the above, it is your responsibility to remove and dispose of these items either via local landfill, or waste removal service. If you have items which you would like to dispose of, please contact us and we can provide names of service providers to do so.

7) Move-Out Cleaning Responsibilities (will be checked upon move-out)
Another brochure will be provided to you with greater detail as to what is expected upon move-out. Items to pay attention to: clean inside of stove (with oven cleaner), wash (with soap and water):  inside of refrigerator, all baseboards , floors, walls & ceilings (if necessary) appliances, counter tops, inside cabinets (kitchen and bathroom), carpets vacuumed (and shampooed if necessary), bathtubs, shower enclosures sinks and toilets thoroughly cleaned.

8) Book an Outgoing Inspection (Return Keys and Provide a Forwarding Address)
Contact your superintendent or building manager in advance, to book a time for inspecting the unit, once you determine the apartment will be fully cleaned and empty. It is best if both parties are present to go over the unit condition before you fully depart. You have until midnight the night before your term matures (ie: midnight Aug 31, for a Sept 1 Maturity) to remove all furniture, belongings debris, and thoroughly clean the entire unit.

9) Moving Day
Please confirm with your building manger or superintendent, however all moving must be done via rear entrances, elevator and stair wells only. Please DO NOT JAMB DOORS OPEN AT THE HINGES…this damages the door and frame. Moving is not allowed through main front entrances and lobbies as we would like to avoid damaging these areas. If you need clarification, contact your superintendent.



1) Keys
We employ high security, non duplicating keys and locks at most of our locations. To maintain this high level of security, we only distribute keys to people named on a lease and which we have under contract . We do not distribute keys to guarantor's, extended family, friends or anyone not living within a rental unit.  Lost Keys should be reported immediately, and may be cause for the entire building to be re-keyed. (call our main office for potential costs and details) The last person(s) to lose their keys would be liable for this cost if there is a security problem thereafter with that building. We recommend to NEVER label your keys with a specific address on them for this reason.

2) Switching Apartments
This is not a practice we promote nor readily allow. We do however, consider each on a case by case basis.  If you are interested in upgrading, downsizing, please contact our office to discuss. Some conditions include that the initial lease term must first be completed, accounts must be up to current and in good standing, incoming/outgoing inspections and cleaning rules apply, lease drafting must be done. If approved, there is an administration fee for this to be completed.

3) LMR Interest
If you sign a lease, and continue renting beyond the initial term, and have not received a notice that your rent is increasing, interest is paid to you at an annual prescribed rate. If you have received notice that your rent will be increasing, the amount of interest normally paid on your LMR shall be used to top it up to match your increased rental amount.

4) Term Lease
You cannot give notice if you are in a fixed term lease until (90 Days) before the Lease term matures. Notice given before that is invalid and will not be accepted.

5) Fixed Term or Monthly?
If you need clarification whether or not you are in a fixed term or monthly rental, please contact us. Most of our rental units are initially a minimum fixed term (ie:12/24 months) then revert to a monthly tenancy.  We do have some restrictive accommodations which are only available in renewable terms ( ie:12 months) that do not revert to monthly tenancies because of their nature.

6) Sub-Letting
This is allowed, however, only with our approval of the sub-let. The sub-let needs to fill out a rental application, which we will process and conduct a background search upon.  (A service fee applies for this……please contact us for pricing) This service is for the benefit of existing clients, in order to help them avoid attracting or allowing undesirables into their rental unit. If approved, the sub-let pays the LESSOR, and the LESSOR continues to pay the management company. We recommend that a sub-let agreement be signed between the lessor and sub-let (link here) and a copy provided to the management company. (The initial tenant is still fully responsible to fulfill the terms and conditions of the original contract and balance of term) If the sub-let wishes to continue renting after the initial sub-let period has been completed, they need to contact the rental office (90) days in advance of the maturity date. Under no circumstances is a sub-let automatically or assumed to be the primary tenant, and only achieves primary tenant status upon full office approval, and fulfillment of previous lease term. Additionally, the sub-let's occupancy cannot revert automatically to a monthly tenancy upon original term maturity.

7) Annual Inspections
We conduct annual suite inspections to ensure our systems, such as working Smoke Detectors, plumbing etc…are in good working condition. We also check to ensure there are no overcrowding, hoarding, general uncleanliness pest or insect problems that exist. Please note: By order of the Fire Department, it is illegal to tamper with, disconnect, or obstruct any fire protection system within a building - specifically practices such as removing batteries from in-unit smoke detectors. If you have a smoke detector that does not seem to be working, or malfunctioning, please contact your superintendent or manager right away.  

8) Incoming/Outgoing Inspections
Upon moving into a rental unit, the superintendent or manager will do an incoming inspection report with the new tenants which identifies the unit condition at move-in. This will be kept on file until the resident(s) wishes to vacate. Once the unit is thoroughly cleaned, and all belongings and debris are removed, an outgoing inspection report is completed with a representative (book in advance). If there are any discrepancies between the two reports (ie: broken, missing windows, glass, screens, damaged floors, countertops etc..), the outgoing resident(s) will be charged and responsible for the repairs. If damage is discovered without remedy by the outgoing resident(s), a tax receipt will be with held, and the balance for repairs and cleaning shall be forwarded to a collection agency.

9) Damages
Either by negligence or by accident, it is best to advise us these circumstances as soon as they occur. We don't take things personally, however expect people to take responsibility for their actions. In turn we will be fair in taking the appropriate corrective measures, and arranging payment with you.  Please advise us ahead of time of such instances, so that we can schedule to have things repaired. Costs and payment arrangements can be determined ahead of time, and save any embarrassment or problem at move-out. 

10)  Credit Bureau/Collections
We consider ourselves to be very fair, however there are circumstances that arise which we must be firm about. Before escalation, we endeavour to first try to discuss and resolve the problem(s)with our clients, and partner to commit to seeing a solution through. Items such as: chronic lateness of rental payments & arrears, disturbing others, conducting illegal activities,  causing damage or problems within rental communities, will result in legal proceedings, and typically lead to eviction. If escalation procedures are required, these include involving our general council and legal representatives, court hearings, employment/wage garnishment,  collection actions, causing significant harm to ones credit rating and their guarantor's. Proper conduct and co-operation will ensure everyone avoids these scenarios.

11) QUIET PLEASE! - Noise & Disturbances
BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR NEIGHBOURS!  Many of our properties and communities are apartment units, with people living in close proximity - on the other side of your walls, ceilings and floors. People want to live in a quiet and problem free environment and don't want to hear LOUD CAR OR APARTMENT STEREOS, SUB-WOOFERS,SURROUND SOUND SYSTEMS, YELLING, SCREAMING & LOUD CONVERSATIONS, LOUD PARTIES, DOGS BARKING and walking on floors like an Elephant. Anything more than the level of a basic conversation and soft music WILL BE HEARD and bother other residents. Avoid the problem of having our superintendents or managers speak with you, or receiving a formal notice and letter from our office, by observing and maintaining a respectful level of noise within your unit, entering our buildings and parking lots.

12) Neighbouring Disputes
We will not act as intermediaries between parties in cases of dispute. It is up to the individual(s) to attempt to work out their differences, and exhaust all options before contacting the superintendent or main office. In cases where the superintendent or manager is unavailable, for excessive noise, illegal activity or your safety feels threatened, call the POLICE directly - (911). Leave a message for the superintendent or management office that this has occurred so that we can follow up on the situation.

13) Cleanliness
It is every individual's responsibility to ensure their unit is kept in clean condition and free of pests. Garbage, debris, organics, excessive recycling  kept or stockpiled within a unit is absolutely not allowed and causes health, safety and pest issues that can spread throughout a building. We perform routine inspections to ensure these conditions do not exist, and if so, are treated quickly. Cleanliness is the best proactive measure one can take to avoid any pest infestation.

Do not buy or bring in used mattresses from questionable sources or , especially ones left outside or exposed to the weather. Your mattress could have passengers which could infect an entire building, making you LIABLE and being left with a very expensive cleanup bill. We have preventative measures in place at all our locations for pests, however, Bed Bugs specifically have become a growing problem in Southern Ontario.  Do your part to stop the spread, and make sure to contact your superintendent/manager if you detect any issues before they become serious problems.

We do not allow painting whatsoever. Walls, Trim, Baseboards, Ceilings, Doors,Windows, Cabinets or otherwise are PROHIBITED from being being painted.
Over the years we have seen too many examples of people's poor painting skills, so we just do not allow it.

16) Holes in Walls, Plugs, Mounting Pictures
If you put a hole in the wall, for these or other reasons, you must remove the plugs, nails etc upon move-out, patch and touch up with our paint. (call our office for details). Additionally if you install shelves, they must be fully removed along with their mounting system(s), anchors or plugs removed, patched and painted.

17) Waterbeds and Weight Equipment
Due to the nature and extreme weight load of these things, they are prohibited in our properties. Exercise bikes and other light weight items we do permit.

Did you know that if your apartment has a fire, is burglarized, or has water damage done to it, you and your belongings WILL NOT be covered. A basic tenant package is available through most insurance brokers, and is very reasonably priced. We strongly recommend arranging suitable coverage for yourself.

19) Window Coverings
in an effort to maintain our buildings curb appeal, we do not allow tin foil to be installed as a window coverings. Generally we provide white PVC mini blinds for newer tenancies that stay with the accommodation.

20) Rental Payments/Fees
All rental payments are due on the first of every month, regardless of day of week, holidays during or after hours. If you know you will be away, you may contact a building manager or superintendent to pay this in advance so that your account will remain in good standing. NSF cheques will be charged $40 per occurrence, and late charges apply for rents received after the 3'rd of the month when prompt payment conditions lapse.  Contact our office or superintendent for current fee structures.

21) BBQ's and Satellite Dishes
Prohibited unless permission granted in writing from Property Management Office.


If you have any questions, please contact us anytime!
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