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"Good morning friends at WINK - I hope all is well down there with you!! I lived at 27 Duke with my buddy J.Dymond, and we had a blast living in that building!!"
~ M.Buzanko & J.Dymond

"It has been a pleasure renting from you."
~ A.Carducci & Sampla Belting

"I am a tenant at the Duke Street apartments... you guys have been great!"
~ L.Wright

"I thank you very much for your kind service over the last few years. I have enjoyed living in the building (Duke)."
~ S. Balkwill

"At this time of year, we have decided that we will be leaving at the end of August and moving on to a new place. We want to thank you very much for your hospitality and always quick response to our requests. We enjoyed our time here! (780-6 King)"
~ Caitlin, Kayla & Anu

"We have very much appreciated all the great years we have lived at 784 King, and want to wish you all the best."
~ D. & L. Brock

"I appreciate all your kindness and help....thank you so much for everything. (595 King)"
~ I. Nunez

"I would like to thank everyone at Wink Properties for making my stay a wonderful experience. I realize that JP has moved on but when I came to look at the apartment, he was the one who sold me on it. He answered all my questions without hesitation and was very helpful in making my decision to rent from WINK. He was always available and took care of any issues I had with my apartment quickly and professionally. Lorraine was always very pleasant and made sure I knew that there was a UPS notice at the front door for me when she saw me.  (I park in the back and rarely came through the front door). Kendra and Paul are great. With all the stuff going on at multiple properties and the large number of tenants, they still knew my name and always made a point to say hello. I am aware that there is also plenty of staff at Wink Properties that I did not have direct contact with and again I would like to thank everyone for making my time here very enjoyable. Good luck in the future and thanks. (595 King)"
~ R. Hodgson

"Thank you for your service and accommodations during my leasing period."
~ B.Paul

"Yes I enjoyed my stay with you. I wish I didnʼt have to move! (595 King)"
~ E. Fairall

"ʻI have loved my apartment for the last two years and I will be sad to leave it. You have been excellent landlords. (University Court Apts)"
~ J.Falotico

"I will be really sad to let this apartment go. It's in a perfect place in Westdale and could not ask for anything more!"
~ M.Yeo

"Dear Wink Properties Management and Staff...I have lived in the University Court building for 5 years now and I want to thank you for making my time here pleasurable."
~ A. Finkelshtein

"Thank you again for being such great owners I really enjoyed living in your building :) (595 King)"
~ L. Newell

"I am nearing completion of my Masterʼs and I am moving onto new experiences as soon as I submit my thesis. Thanks to you, Paul and the whole WINK team for making me feel welcome in Hamilton - I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks again for a great year."
~ A. Kingsmith

"I was a tenant at 784 King St W last year and was very happy with the experience. I have a younger sister who is interested in living at 780 King W. If it is coming available, could they come and check it out? Note: Yes, different family members have now rented from WINK for almost 4 years...."
~ A.Markar

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed living there and how much I will miss it (and you guys as property mangers). Thanks again for all your help, I'll miss you guys, (and the apartment !). P.S - I'm trying to move into the new apartment (a more 'student' type place) and now I realize how wonderful you both were and how much I lucked out having you as a landlady and staying in such a great apartment - I am now really wishing I hadn't moved out in the first place :( oh well..take care."
~ E. Barr

"The apartment is always clean... Thanks for being such amazing landlords - you have helped us numerous times!"
~ J. Nijjar

"We've definitely enjoyed our time here. Wink Property has been the best landlords I've had (I was very surprised when we were looking the place over with my parents, they pointed out the oven was dirty. We left for an hour and when we came back it was spotless!), and itʼs a nice cozy apartment."
~ B.Baila

"I wanted to thank you again for fixing my broken window SO quickly! Lisa and I were both discussing how great it is to have a landlord who we can trust and who is so genuinely concerned with making sure everythingʼs in working order ! We both greatly appreciate it! (2 Months later....) JP came by today and took a look at everything! Thank you so much for the quick response! It wasnʼt an emergency, we just wanted to make you aware of it as soon as possible! Thanks again, you guys are awesome! "
~ J.Rennie & L.Blenkhorn

"I would like to inform you that on____ I would like to vacate the apartment as we are going back to Germany. We really enjoyed our stay here in Cathedral Suites"
~ S.N Syed

"Thank you so much! I am sad to go too - I have very much enjoyed living at Paisley."
~ M. Mant

"It meant so much to be though of in such a special way."
~ M.Sealy

"We have indeed been enjoying our stay with you, and appreciate your professionalism"
~ Craig, Charlie & Mike

"The apartments you showed us were really great, the best ones we saw!"
~ A. Ahmed

"Whenever we had a problem, it was handled right away. Communication was excellent and you were always readily accessible. You treated us with utmost respect. Definitely will recommend you to others"
~ Kassie, Joanne, Sheila & Alysa

"Thanks again. I have to say this is the best managed building I’ve ever lived in! All my concerns are always dealt with promptly. I can’t thank you all enough!"
~ C. Hubley

"Thank you for a wonderful year. It has been a pleasure having you as a landlord"
~ S. Armstrong

"My parents are very pleased and really enjoy having you as a landlord. Thank you for being so flexible"
~ L. Blatchford

"I have enjoyed my stay at 27 Duke Street"
~ K. Larman

"Our stay here at 780 King has been an amazing one, and you guys have definitely been great landlords. You’ve helped us ease into a comfortable living environment and have been nothing less than prompt and helpful when things needed to be fixed or dealt with. You respected our privacy. Our experience here has been perfect. We will miss this place"
~ Chris, Warren, Michael & David

"Thank you for taking good care of us during the last few years. We wish you all the best in the future"
~ E. Chan

"I have nothing but good things to say about the apartment. It was very nice, quiet, and safe place to live. I recommend you and the apartment to all my friends. Its been such a refreshing experience to have a responsive landlord!"
~ C. Blaustein

"We thank you for a very pleasant living experience and for your care and consideration of any issues that arose over the past few months"
~ Jaimie & Natalie

"Thanks again for a wonderful house for me to stay in!"
~A. Ip

"Thank you for the wonderful apartment and the great time I had there. Thanks again for your understanding"
~ M. Burchell

"At the time I viewed the apartment, I was impressed with the cleanliness of the building. The superintendent has maintained the building in excellent shape and I really appreciate that. It's clean, quiet, and I have truly enjoyed living here. I would not hesitate to come back and live at 27 Duke, The Ellington. I will recommend anyone who is seeking an apartment to come and view your units. It has been a pleasure living here"
~ P. Vieira-Martins

"This apartment building is great ! It is always clean and quiet"
~ J. Montis

"I think so highly of Wink Properties and have really enjoyed living both in the King Street Westdale building, and here on Duke street. We will certainly miss this building and neighbourhood! Thank you for all your attention at both properties!"
~ C.Evers & B.Mous

Investment Realty & Sales

"Paul was of great assistance to me and is the most influential and helpful person I have met in my real estate career. I was a novice real estate investor when I met Paul and was in search for more then just your typical agent. I wanted someone who would take the time to not only help me find a home, but also be there to guide me if I had any questions. Paul took the time then and continues to take the time now, to answer any questions I have regarding property purchases and other related inquiries. We visited many properties before deciding on one and not once did I feel pressured to buy. In fact, on several occasions Paul advised me to not even contemplate purchasing the unit we were viewing because he felt it would not be a wise move for me In my situation. Following his advise we settled on a wonderful purchase that I am grateful we waited on. This is the kind of integrity you can expect from Paul. Thank you for all your help and I wish you continued success."
~ V.(Bill) Zougras

"Also, just wanted to sincerely thank you for all the work you did on selling the house. I know at first we were a bit hesitant on making the changes you recommended. But we are very happy we did! You made the sale process go smoothly and definitely made it much easier for us!"
~ D. Miller & K. Hutchinson

"Thank you Paul for the excellent service you provided when we were buying our home. You were courteous, professional and above all honest. Your advice throughout the purchase and long after that was especially helpful. Your patience when answering all of our questions which I'm sure we asked at least twice was greatly appreciated. We would highly recommend you to any of our family and friends."
~ M & S Maganinho

"We have been to the house every night this week painting and cleaning etc.  I absolutely love it - it feels like home.  Thank you so very much Paul - we definitely would have never even looked at this house if you hadn't have told us about it.  Craig and I were saying yesterday how weird it is to think back to standing with you in the backyard on Tweedsmuir, and then tomorrow moving into McKay."
~ L & C Cole

"I appreciate you working around the inspectors schedule and assistance towards this purchase. Thank you very much Paul. You are welcome to come by and see the new pad."
~ R.Palkowski

"Thanks again for all your help over the last year. After spending a little time on the wonderful trails, we're realizing that we're in an even better location, walking-wise, than we had thought.  We got a chance to meet most of the neighbors at an interesting street BBQ complete with bag piping by the guy next door to us.  They were all great so we feel very welcome."
~ S.McKnight

"Thanks for all the great info. I had trouble myself finding anything comparable for sale. I will get a firm buyout number from the bank and talk to my accountant to figure a few things out on my end. I think it will be a good idea to meet with you to check out the inside of the property to get a better grasp on anything that needs to be done. Thanks again and we will talk soon."
~ A.Gillis

"When it came time to buy my first home on my own, I wasn't sure I needed to use a real estate agent as it was a new build. Fortunately, I consulted Paul Martindale at Wink Properties & Realty. He was able to help me negotiate a reduced purchase price, as well as some additional upgrades. I will definitely utilize Paul's expertise when purchasing my next home."
~ A.Hutchinson (S-Cat)

"Mike and I just want to say thank you for the amazing job you did selling our house. You went that extra mile by making sure we were comfortable with everything you were doing, by explaining everything so thoroughly to us, and by being extremely well prepared and personable. All the best"
~ M&M Ermacora

"Thank you for all your hard work and research you did for Jeff and I... and our Dream House!"
~ T&J Jongeling

"We wanted to thank you again for all of your help throughout this process. You have really made it easy for us, and we are thankful for all your help and support"
~ J. Mrav and L. Poetz

"I wanted to thank you for all your help and advice"
~ M. Castellanos

"I would like to recommend Paul Martindale as a real estate professional. When my husband and I were in the market to secure a property, Paul was most helpful in arranging viewings and keeping us abreast of developments in the area. He has keen insights into the marketplace and has good observations when inspecting potential properties. We found him to be very knowledgeable and willing to go ‘ the extra mile’ to ensure his clients interests were met or exceeded. I would not hesitate in recommending his services to anyone looking for a real estate agent"
~ T. & A. Mand

"I really thank you very much for all your time and kindness. Therefore I will keep you in mind for possible house purchases in the near future"
~ Z. Popovic

"Paul was an outstanding Realtor. We found him to be very professional, patient and easy to reach. He definitely had our best interests in mind while selling our home and during our search for a new one"
~ J. & M Travers

"Thank you for taking time to send me emails and keep me well updated"
~ A. Hyman

"I have to thank you for advising us on location and during every aspect of our investment purchase"
~ J. & R Denison

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